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It all started within the family of the founder and co-founders Mahmoud Alayyan, Ahmed Abdel Hadi and Alla Alayyan and Hana Alayyan. They have a sister with a multiple disabilities, she showed them the other side of the world, the world of people with disabilities. They want to share their life experience and shared pedagogy with their sister to other ordinary people. In fact, their sister taught them "how to live all together" (savoir-vivre) and above all to accept others despite our differences.

In this family, inclusion is done in a natural way, that is why the A.M.A Jeunesse GYM association wishes to offer their experiences to others.

How did they get there?

In 2015, Mahmoud, Ahmed, Alla and Hana had successfully launched their club, A.M.A Jeunesse GYM. They opened a para-taekwondo and an inclusion section. Para-taekwondo opens doors for people with disabilities with mental, physical and motor impairments.

Very quickly, Mahmoud Alayyan and Ahmed Abdel-Hadi showed their interest in setting up a commission within the federation of ABFT (Belgian Francophone Taekwondo Association) to develop the PARA-TAEKWONDO there. Mahmoud therefore becomes the president of the para-taekwondo commission (CPT). On the basis of their experience and their great motivation, it was natural that the reins of this commission were entrusted to them.

Together, they start off humbly and will gradually take over the following tasks so that the disabled person can practice taekwondo and benefit from its advantages in terms of health, education and pleasure.

In their quest to make taekwondo accessible to all, they trained in Austria and Peru and participated in an Handisport & Sport Exchange Program in the United States. They have been certified by the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) as international para-taekwondo coaches. During the latter, they were able to interact with para-taekwondo coaches, physiotherapists, psychologists and doctors from all over the world in order to make their training more suitable and more accessible and also to have a better inclusion strategy.



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Our goal is to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities whom we call extraordinary in our society. We want to break down barriers and allow them to integrate into society.


We want through our events that we organize during the year, to show the public that its extraordinary people are people like us and better than us because they can be an inspiration by their courage, their will and their determination.

Our association AMA Jeunesse GYM offers people with disabilities an identical lifestyle to people without disabilities, that is to say we offer them a sport adapted to their disability while practicing it with other people without disabilities, this is what we call, "savoir-vivre" knowing how to live together.


The A.M.A Jeunesse GYM wishes to offer extraordinary young people a lifestyle identical to ordinary young people, that is to say to fully enjoy their life by practicing sport and having an active social life, we will that they are florishing