Sport & Handisport show - 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition

Each year, our association organizes an event that highlights athletes with (extraordinary) disabilities. They do shows in their own discipline in front of audiences of all ages and different nationalities. During this event, ordinary athletes (without disabilities) and extraordinary athletes (with disabilities) represent their disciplines in a unique show.

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of the importance of people with (extraordinary) disabilities in our society. Thus to show them to what extent his extraordinary people are people full of will, courage and perseverance.

We therefore implement sports and social inclusion in a natural way.

Handisport Jogging Run - 1st and 2nd edition

Each year, at the King Baudouin stadium, the A.M.A Jeunesse GYM organizes a race to promote people with (extraordinary) sensory, mental and physical disabilities.

Our goal is to have as many able-bodied (ordinary) people as possible who can participate in the race with less able-bodied (extraordinary) people because in this way we promote inclusion.

Our participants are families, high-level athletes, amateur athletes, children, young people, and people with sensory, mental and physical disabilities.

International Kids Cup

Each year, the A.M.A Jeunesse Gym organizes a taekwondo competition.

This brings together 300 competitors each year with ordinary athletes and extraordinary athletes (with a disability).

Our young taekwondoists are all affiliated to the Belgian taekwondo federation.

This is the first competition that brings together a large number of people with disabilities in Belgium.

The aim is to educate young athletes about disability.

The competition is done in INCLUSION.