Tae = to kick

Kwon = to punch

Do = way, spirit


Taekwondo, more than 20 centuries old, has grown into a modern international sport and now Olympic. Regarding its origins, we will say that it is a very effective martial art whose objective is to develop a striking force favoring the power of the legs and developing their reach. Taekwondo brings together a wide variety of styles because over the years different clubs, instructors and other federations have favored certain aspects of the sport more than others. This makes it rich. Taekwondo is therefore a martial art in the purest Asian tradition in addition to being a sport that has severed all ties with its origins.

For our part, the club "A.M.A Jeunesse GYM" focuses its practice mainly on the social aspect and the development of the well-being of its students, while continuing to teach forms and respecting the traditions specific to this discipline. The goal is to maintain a balance between the enjoyment of a sport and the benefits of practicing a martial art. This sport is practiced at any age.

What makes our club different from others is the fact that we practice sports and social inclusion of people with disabilities that we call them extraordinary.